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Braemar 28kW 3 Star Ducted Gas Heater – TQD330

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Product Description

The TQD330 heater has an output of 28kW and a capacity of 122MJ/hr while boasting a 3.7 Energy Star rating

The Braemar TQD 3 Star Range is specifically designed to replace some popular old heater models. Advanced engineering delivers easier and more efficient operation. Multi-level safety controls as standard. Electronic ignition and flame sensing. InShot Burner and Softair technology for greater comfort

No matter how cold it gets outside this winter – keep your home wonderfully warm with Braemar from Seeley International – Australia?s most efficient range of ducted gas heaters.

Comes complete with digital manual controller.  Optional upgrade to fully programmable Spectrolink controller available for $150.

For a full breakdown of the product range and specifications – please see the Braemar website



MagIQtouch Controller – optional upgrade


Operating your Braemar ducted heater is easy with the MagIQtouch Controller. Smart, sophisticated and intuitive, its discreet, modern design will blend seamlessly into the decor of your home.

As easy to use as your familiar touch screens, this controller’s intuitive user navigation system makes operating simple.

Keeping your home and your family cool in summer is easy and economical with the MagIQtouch Controller and your Braemar ducted heater.

It is:

  • Customisable
  • Energy saving night quiet mode
  • Personalised cooling
  • Optional – MagIQtouch Air Sensor
  • MagIQtouch Controller Warranty

SoftairTM fan system

Exclusive to Braemar, the SoftairTM function delivers continuous warm air and ensures no cold drafts.

InShot BurnerTM

The InShot BurnerTM shapes the flame for maximum heat, minimising gas wastage for higher efficiency. The burners are made of long-life aluminium, reducing maintenance requirements.

Combustion inducer fan

Using leading-edge bearing, motor-cooling and speed control technologies, Braemar’s combustion inducer fan draws all combustion gases through the heat exchanger and expels them safely outdoors. It’s designed for ultra-safe, quiet operation.

Electronic ignition

Microprocessor controlled electronic ignition eliminates the need for a pilot light. It manages the gas ignition system and the fan controller system, ensures dependable ignition and monitors all heater, flame sensor and safety functions.

Ecostar Tri-ActionTM heat exchanger

This comes standard on all five and six star Braemar ducted gas heaters (except the non-condensing five star THM range). Delivering maximum heat transfer in minimum space, it features a “no-weld” tubular design for maximum durability and long-life corrosion-resistant construction.

Multi-level safety controls as standard

We don’t just care about keeping you warm – we care about keeping you safe, too. That’s why all Braemar heaters have numerous layers of safety points to protect you at all times.

Flexible installation

With Braemar ducted heating, you can install the heater in the roof our outside the house, with ducts in the ceiling or under the floor.



Easier installation

Seeley International’s two-piece heater has been a runaway hit! This modular construction means that the complete range of Braemar heaters are much easier to install. In many cases, they can be put into the ceiling space via the manhole – without having the cost of making a hole in the roof to get the heater in.

Also, the heater cabinet is specially designed for a quick-change panel arrangement. Your installer can interchange the panels to suit various inlet and outlet requirements.

Quiet heating

Braemar is designed to work as quietly as possible, by distributing warm air via a series of ceiling or floor ducts – quickly, effectively and without fuss.

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