• MB5 Ducted Heating External
  • MB5 Ducted Heating External

Bonaire 14kW 4 Star MB4-14 Ducted Gas Heater (Internal Model)

(Internal Model)
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Product Description

The Bonaire MB4-14 heater has an output of 14kW with a 4 Star energy rating.

Not only will you be choosing the ultimate in comfort, you’ll be investing in one of the most efficient 5 star ducted gas central heaters on the market. With the MB5 you get high efficiency heating by the use of a primary and secondary heat exchanger, which combined gives you 90% plus efficiency. Add this to Bonaire’s unique predictive logic modulation system, modulating both the gas rate and the air delivery to minimise energy consumption and inefficient on/off cycling. This reduces your energy bills whilst still maintaining the ultimate in comfort. The MB5 also has the ability to reduce the heating capacity to 10%,* allowing you to further reduce your energy bills if you only want to heat a small area of your home.

Benefits of a Bonaire MB5 5 Star Gas Central Heater

The Bonaire MB5 5 star has all the benefits of the MB4 plus more.
• 90% plus gas efficiency – more heat in your home for each dollar you spend
• Highly efficient 4 stage heat exchanger with a primary and stainless steel secondary to efficiently heat your home
• Choice of the NEW Navigator controllers
• Flexible installation options
• Natural gas or LP gas models available
• Predictive logic modulation that automatically adjusts the gas rate as the home approaches the set temperature = reduced energy bills
• Auto adjusting air delivery that works in unison with the predictive logic gas modulation, further reducing energy bills
• 4 zone control as standard – heat only the rooms you need(1)
• Option of an 8 zone system for total comfort and maximum efficiency(2)
• Optional multiple room sensing and thermostat controls(3)
• Quiet operation
• Range of internal and external models available
• External models in Colorbond® cabinet
• Induced draft combustion for improved energy efficiency
• Easy installation by a Bonaire Specialist Installer
• The most advanced ducted gas heater technology on the market
• Compatible with Bonaire Inverter Dual Cycle systems
• Environmentally conscious design
• Backed by Bonaire’s own National Service Division
• Engineered for Australian conditions

Advanced technology

Bonaire’s advanced technology is intelligent enough to match your heating requirements, giving you unparalleled comfort and energy efficiency. Paired with the new Bonaire Navigator controllers, you can be assured that you have the latest technology at your fingertips.


Unlike conventional standard central heating systems, a Bonaire MB5 senses the level of heating needed to reach a set temperature, adjusting the gas and air delivery fan to precisely manage your requirements. It will also sense a change in conditions at any given moment, and adjust accordingly. This provides you with a soft and unobtrusive heat, reduced gas consumption and gas bills, while providing the ultimate in comfort.

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